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Ex-Girlfriend Material - Skye Claire
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Skye Claire’s love for music started at an early age. Born and raised in NYC, she started writing songs at just 12 years old. She went on to play her first full band gig at NYC’s famous Bitter End at just sixteen. She wrote and played relentlessly throughout her school years, and went on to graduate from the prestigious Wesleyan University. Diploma in hand, Skye packed up and headed for Nashville to hone her craft. She wrote every song on her debut album, “For Better or For Worse”, and released her first single to country radio in fall of 2016. Her supporting radio tour took her to over 50 radio stations in 20 different states. “Pawn Shop” cracked the top 100 on the Music Row chart, while the music video went into rotation on Great American Country and gained a spot on CMT’s online platforms. 


BMI has recognized her achievements as a songwriter by selecting her as the first ever artist to both participate in and perform at the 2016 Rising Through the Ranks program, a mentorship initiative for female radio executives. Skye has gone on to be selected as a featured songwriter and performer in various BMI songwriting festivals (Key West Songwriter Festival and Island Hopper Songwriter Festival), and has garnered spots on the both NYC’s BMI Acoustic Lounge and Nashville’s BMI Buzz showcases. After an in office performance in January 2017, BMI President, Mike O’Neill, went on to say: ““I had a chance to sit down with Skye and listen to her music, and we’re excited at BMI to keep watching and supporting this rising star in her career.” 


Skye’s quirky sense of humor and refreshing take on girl power are poised to shine through in her new single “Ex Girlfriend Material” set to be released to radio and all online platforms on Valentine’s Day 2018. Watch out for this dynamic new artist as her star continues to rise!

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